ABC Expo: Mothers of Invention?

Last week’s ABC Expo in Las Vegas was a toast to man’s (and in this case, mom’s) everlasting quest for building the better mousetrap – though in this case, more specifically, a better binky or blankie.
With about 3,000 exhibitors all focused on products for baby, from diapers to car seats to bottles, from layettes to furniture and more, the show is a four-day immersion in how moms think – or how, and what, companies think moms will buy.

While much seemed uninspired – every single stroller company I visited had the “lightest and fastest folding” version on the market – there were still designs that leaped out:
• The BassiNest from Halo Innovations, a unique design that allows babies to sleep in bed next to mom, in their own safe space. The bassinet pivots, swivels and glides for a close mother-and-child connection. It’s a brilliant concept for moms who want to keep baby with them at night but are concerned about the dangers involved in traditional co-sleeping.
• The Assessables “umbilical bodysuit,” featuring an opening that allows the umbilical cord to air. Huggies awarded its “MomInspired” Grant to the creator, an OB Nurse.
• Tall cribs with doors as well as rails from the German company KayserBetten. Strange looking, but certainly different from the norm, they are designed to eliminate the danger of children climbing out.
• Know how kids love to ride on dad’s shoulders – what I’ve always considered the best seat in the house? Now there’s Saddle Baby from Quail Development, a child carrier that lets them perch safely without a parent having to hold onto their ankles.
• Also worth noting: Hospital scrubs and accessories emblazoned with “I’m the Daddy” from, appropriately enough, a company called Daddy Scrubs.