A Baby Shower—Or Just a Sprinkle?

In the past, baby showers were celebrated generally for a woman’s first child. But a new generation of moms – anxious to celebrate every step of parenthood – is open to the idea of a smaller shower or a “sprinkle” for subsequent babies.

In a recent trend story in The New York Times, some mothers said they saw no reason why their 2nd or 3rd child shouldn’t be welcomed with as much fanfare as their first child.

“I think every birth should be celebrated. You wouldn’t give your first child a bar or bat mitzvah and not your second or third, so why is a shower any different?”

Of course, money is a factor and throwing someone a party—not to mention buying gifts – gets expensive.

The idea of the “sprinkle” is that it isn’t as big of a party as the first shower. In some cases, guests might even be specifically told not to bring gifts.

Parents are finding other creative ways to celebrate – either with gender-reveal parties or “diaper dinners,” where guests are asked to bring diapers in lieu of a regular gift for the hostess.

Either way, non-parents might become resentful about shelling out money for parent friends.

What do you think about having a baby shower for your second or third baby? Is it a great way to commemorate a new baby – or just another way of asking for presents?